Comprehensive Manufacturing Technology Training Solutions

MTUniversity offers training for and information about today's manufacturing technology via online learning modules. From machining and manufacturing technology fundamentals to device connectivity, MTUniversity delivers these modules anytime, from anywhere, with engaging visuals and powerful content.

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Our Core Suites

Build knowledge and expertise

MTConnect Standard: Essentials Suite

Build confidence in digital manufacturing and shop floor IT with MTConnect Education Modules.

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Build knowledge and expertise

MTUniversity Technology Fundamentals Suite

This suite covers a wide spectrum of machining and manufacturing technology topics.

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Build knowledge and expertise

MTUniversity Additive Manufacturing Suite

Additive manufacturing is a process in which a three-dimensional computer model design is built into a physical object by layering material.

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Build knowledge and expertise

MTUniversity Quality Suite

The MTUniversity's Quality Suite covers standards, auditing, and improvement for all levels of the shop.

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Our Features

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Build knowledge and expertise

Suites of modules are available on a variety of subjects relating to manufacturing technology. The modules include audio narration video examples, photos, diagrams or other illustrations, and subscribers take virtual notes that are kept in the schedule online.

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On your schedule

All classes are designed for subscribers to work at their own pace and are available 24/7/365 from any Internet connection on virtually any device. You can save your progress; these modules are self-paced.

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State-of-the-art User Experience

Subscribers have up to one year to complete their course modules, and during that year, they can review a class even if they have completed their final exam.

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Easy to get started

Select the suite of modules that will best fit your professional development. Upon payment, the modules are available immediately.

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